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HLN News (Headline News) was launched in January 1982 as CNN2. Later in 1983, it became CNN Headline News and in December 2008, it came to known as HLN. Originally, this news channel was created to provide a 30-minute news-wheel throughout the day. With its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, this American Pay news channel is available to more than 97 million American households. Its available in Asia, Canada, Middle East, North Africa, and the Carribean. Later this man was hospitalized for physical evaluation and questioned by the secret services. This way, HLN was prevented from becoming a victim of the President’s death hoax.

History HLN News Channel

HLN NewsPeople had to wait for one-time or two-time news bulletin in a day to receive top stories and up-to-date information. This channel was built to enable the viewer to tune in at any time of the day and get that information without any delay. The headline news wheel had different short segments summarizing news on almost every topic in the world. From 1983 to 1992, it was known as HN, Headline News. In 1989, a ticker was introduced in the Headline News shown in the lower one-third of the screen. Along with headline news being shown in it, stock news was shown during the commercials and sports scores were introduced in 1992.

Affiliation of HLN News TV

In January 1992, at a state dinner in Tokyo, Japan, a person called the channel’s headquarters claiming to be President George H. W. Bush’s physician. He said that the president is dead. The news anchors were ready to break the news to their viewers but right at the moment, it was revealed that it was not the President’s physician that called, it was an Idaho man who posed as the President’s physician. you can also enjoy MSNBC News TV Live Stream.