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(Action News) CBS WJAX Channel 47 News local breaking News Weather and Sports update Channel Live Online Stream Jacksonville, Florida. Watch CBS 4 WTTV News Live Streaming Online. WJAX is a CBS related place and practical channel 47. This Channel is a license to Jacksonville, Florida, United States. Hoffman transportation holds this place. WJAX CBS news possessed by Hoffman transportation. By the Cox Media Group, the place is work in joint sales and shared services Concord.

CBS WJAX Channel 47On inner thruway and spreader amenities on Hogan highway, the place go halves its studios. On canal 6 on Comcast Affinity this strait is accessible and canal 3 in nearly all remote district of the souk. CBS WJAX TV Channel finished its analog indication On June 12, 2009. As a presenter at the Christian radio posting WBIX the post was the invention of John limestone Thigpen. FOX WFOX Channel 30 News Jacksonville.

CBS WJAX Channel 47 News Watch Live Streaming

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CBS WJAX Channel 47 television on the air on August 1, 1980, the posting legitimately signed on the air. On-campus, Boulevard It original televises from studio amenities. Throughout its foremost four existences on the air Thigpenn dish up as the class foremost news director. To the arrangement course on the proclaimed marketable box rank, the location anticipated being a family gracious alternative. Through apparent canal for WJAX Jacksonville signed a relationship concord with apparent strait On April 23, 2002.

Through the company’s broadcasting position bunch in Jacksonville, The auction to Cox placed WAWS and WTEV below widespread possession. Cox proclaims their meaning to modify WTEV’s identify letters to WJAX CBS on August 26, 2014. On 1220 is the WJAX entitle letters were also old in Jacksonville. To Hoffman connections, Bay shore box would sell WJAX TV on February 27, 2018. On April 17, 2018, the arrangement was standard by the FCC. On subordinate direct 47.2, the posting began moving the complex in the summer of 2014.